Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Rabbitat: All Pro, No Con

I am always surprised by how many people don’t know that we adopt rabbits and other small animals at the OHS.  After all, the OHS is responsible for the welfare of all animals, not just dogs and cats.  Perhaps because people do strongly associate us with dogs and cats, adoption of rabbits is slow at the OHS. 

To counter this, our new facility on West Hunt Club features a “Rabbitat” in one of the most prominent spots in our new adoption centre.
The rabbitat is not only more comfortable and less stressful for the bunnies than smaller cages, but it also features them more prominently in the main lobby. 
We have also used it as an educational opportunity.  The new installation is surrounded by care and other information about rabbits, so that even visitors not considering bringing a bunny into their lives learn more about these often misunderstood (and certainly underrated) pets.
Because rabbits can reproduce—ummm, like rabbits—the OHS sterilizes many of them before adoption. As with dogs and cats, sterilization not only limits animal overpopulation but also results in a healthier and better-tempered pet.
To see the rabbits available for adoption at the OHS, please click here. 
And, please, tell your friends about the rabbits— and birds and mice and gerbils and hamsters—all the lovely creatures looking for new homes at the OHS!
Bruce Roney,
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

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