Friday, January 13, 2012

Well worth the wait

Some cats are adopted into their new home before their profile even hits the web. Others take a little longer.

Such was the case for O.C., an orange cat with a big personality that has spent a lot of time at the Ottawa Humane Society.

This cat has been labeled "lost," "found," "stray," "adopted," "abandoned," and was most recently brought to us in July, 2011. He must have liked the looks of the new shelter more than when he visited our previous shelter on Champagne Ave., because he stayed in our Adoption Centre for five months, waiting for the perfect human companion to scoop him up and take him home.

Everyone knew his name and no one could walk by without him saying hello. He'd reach out to try and hug you or grab your attention in some other way. He doesn't like other cats, so he spent all of his time trying to attract the humans.

The day before New Year's Eve, this six-year-old cat's new owner came to take him home, this time for good. Here is what she has to say about her new pet:

I adopted O.C. and all the staff were very pleased he found a new home. They requested an update, so I'm happy to share how he's doing.

I changed his name to Orych (pronounced Orick) to honour the "O" of his previous name and the Welsh connection to his new owner.

He settled in with no problems and had a great first vet visit. He doesn't like the car much, but hopefully he won't need to be in one often. He had fun sniffing and exploring for a while when we brought him home and then he quickly settled in on my lap. He's an avid cuddler and has found his "spots" in the house during certain times during the day to either capture sunlight or comfort. He's eating well definitely gets chatty at dinner hour!

Thanks again to all the great folks who assisted with the adoption and I'll be sure to take as good care of him as you did.

The Adoption Centre isn't quite the same without him. This chatty cat who likes to cuddle became a fixture around here, but the staff at the OHS are so glad to know that he has found a great home where he will get all the love and attention he so deserves. Take care, O.C.! We will miss your playful swatting and your constant storytelling, but we know you are in a great place and we hope we don't see you again!

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