Friday, February 10, 2012

Mistletoe: From matted to magnificent

A miniature poodle named Mistletoe was rescued  by Ottawa Humane Society Rescue and Investigation Services in November.

She had been abandoned in an apartment.
Her fur was severely matted.
Her nails were overgrown.
She was very scared.

At the OHS, staff gave her love and affection – and the veterinary treatment she so badly needed.
Her matted fur was shaved her down completely and she was given a chance to adjust to the shelter routine. The 11-year-old poodle needed dental work as well as spaying before she could be available for adoption. The OHS veterinary staff performed these much needed and lengthy surgeries to get her ready for her new home.

Despite her age, Mistletoe is a very affectionate and active lady – she loves to jump into a lap for a cuddle. Her sweet and gentle nature shone through during her time at the shelter.

Mistletoe was looking for a quiet place to retire to, so she could forget about her matted fur and sore teeth and just give love and cuddles to her new family. This silly and sweet poodle found what she was looking for and went home with her new family at the end of January.
Mistletoe came to the shelter fragile and shy, but she blossomed into a new dog by the time she was adopted… her haircut wasn’t the only part of her transformation.

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