Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pot bellied pig neglect: shocking

In yet another shocking case, this month our Rescue and Investigations Department charged a couple who so severely neglected a pot bellied pig that its hooves grew  approximately 1.5 feet long, curling around and extending back into the bottom of its feet, preventing it from standing or moving normally. 

The pig was suffering with what was likely excruciating pain, as well as a permanent hoof and chronic joint abnormality caused by the overgrown hooves.  We had to euthanize her to relieve her suffering. 

Beyond our disgust at this outrageous level of neglect, and our hope that the severest of penalties are meted out to the perpetrators, we are reminded why our municipality restricts the species that can be kept as pets in the City.  

Pot-bellied pigs are not allowed, nor are a lengthy list of other animals.  The OHS supports this – strongly.  Too often, the particular care needs of exotic pets are ignored in the rush to acquire the latest trend.  Reptiles—most recently, slider turtles—have become the latest worrying trend.

We see the consequences in the form of neglect, or simple surrender to the OHS, leaving us to cope with the influx, care, and rehoming needs.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director
Ottawa Humane Society

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