Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Squeaks, squeals and peeps! A shout out to our wee ones!

Rabbits and gerbils and hamsters. Oh my. 

We get a lot of all of them. 390 in fact, in the fiscal year that is just ending. 

Just last week, 32 hamsters—some pregnant—were surrendered by a woman who didn’t separate genders and forgot that hamsters have a 16-day gestation period.

The number of small mammals we care for is one of the reasons we built a “Rabbitat” front and centre in our new West Hunt Club shelter.  It’s why the small animal room is up front too, with a window to the outdoors. We want them to be comfortable, of course, but moreover, we want people to know they are here.  

I am surprised how few people think of adopting small mammals from the OHS. Even long-time supporters seem surprised to hear we offer more than dogs and cats in our Adoption Centre.  And much to my chagrin, many seem to learn just a few days or weeks after they have acquired a small pet elsewhere, leaving the ones at the OHS homeless longer.

Mr. Big (A140894) is one
of several dwarf hamsters
currently available for adoption.
What can you do to help? Let your friends and family know that the OHS has plenty of furry creatures of all sizes available for adoption, and not to go to commercial sources; support the OHS, of course; remember that a rabbit is for life, not for Easter; and, if you own rabbits, gerbils, mice, hamsters or any other of our little friends, keep the genders apart!

Bruce Roney,
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

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