Thursday, April 26, 2012


Clementine, the little dog that we began fostering at Christmas, finally found her forever home in March. 

We were really excited to learn that she was going to a home with five children since she is so gentle and kid-friendly.  In true Clementine style, during the family-dog introduction, she visited each child and licked every one in turn.

Over the time she was with us, I was reminded how much work and how disruptive a young puppy can be to one’s life, even with the advantage of bringing her to work.  

At the same time, it was very satisfying to see her grow and thrive and learn, and eventually have the home and family that we were hoping for. 

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

Read more about the OHS Foster program.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pal: Noun: A friend. Synonyms: buddy, chum

PAL:  Pet Adoption Location. A great little acronym for a very important program. 
It is the OHS program that partners with local pet stores to help find more animals—generally cats—forever homes.  Over 15,000 forever homes, since the program’s inception, in fact! 
Many people don’t like coming to our shelter, especially when we were at our old Champagne Avenue location. We would love it if everyone would visit our new West Hunt Club shelter, but recognize that it’s not for everyone.  Our home may be far from your home; our hours not convenient; or like some people, being here may just make you a bit sad. PAL allows you to adopt from us at a store in your local area, rather than coming here and getting the “I want to take them all home!” feeling.  It also relieves the space pressure resulting from as many as 45 admissions a day in our peak season!
There are 15 PAL locations throughout Ottawa, and that number is growing as more partners come onboard.
So, if you are looking for your new best friend and can’t visit us here, please be sure to go to your local OHS PAL location.

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

P.S. The PetValu PAL locations are celebrating National Adoption Weekend April 14 and 15, and raising funds for the OHS and other animal welfare groups. Even if you're not in the market for a new furry friend, stop by your local PetValu and participate Pet Appreciation Weekend (PAW).

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Real Deal

With the advent of kijiji and other sites publicizing the “free” kitten or dog, we were all thrilled to see a three-quarter page article in the Ottawa Citizen’s  “Real Deal” feature about adopting pets from the OHS and other humane societies. 

The article explodes the myth of the “free” kitten.  There is no such thing.  In fact, that “free” kitten or dog is likely to cost you far more than you might realize; while the cost of adoption at the OHS, and most similar organizations is usually less than the cost of sterilization alone. 

Beyond the health and other guarantees offered by most not-for-profit animal groups like us, other OHS inclusions such as vaccinations, deworming, health insurance, and more make adoption at your local humane society is the best deal in town!

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

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