Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ideas, solutions will impact the future

With 11,000 animals requiring our care every year, the animals that need us today are a major preoccupation for all of us at the OHS. This is a problem, because if we are ever to see fewer animals requiring our care, we must invest in the future as well. It’s difficult. Everyone here loves animals, and many have devoted their lives to their care and welfare. It is hard to accept that there are insufficient resources to do everything we might like to for every animal. It is particularly hard to direct resources to what sometimes feels like a nebulous future, when so many need our help today.

Key OHS staff spent Monday, April 30 talking and planning for just that. 

We took a rare opportunity to stop and think, compared notes, and shared ideas with representatives of all departments, levels, and roles at the OHS. The goal was to change the future:  How to leverage our new building, our skills, knowledge and influence to ensure that 11,000 animals a year don’t need us in 10 years, and that the outcome is better for those that do.

It’s amazing what can happen when you bring together talented people with diverse backgrounds and a passion for a common goal. 

The solutions developed during the summit were big and small. Some were cost-free, simple, and better ways of doing what we already do. Others were new programs like a pet behaviour hotline that can help keep more animals in their homes... but that will have to wait for new money. 

All the ideas will impact a great deal of what we do over the next few years.  They are going to help the animals in our building today.  And they are going to help us change the future.

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society
Executive Director

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