Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bird is the word

A feathered friend has taken up residence outside our director of operations’ office, proving that all types of animals benefit from the Ottawa Humane Society.

A staff member discovered the mother Killdeer and her nest, which is nestled amongst the rocks, the perfect place to camouflage her eggs. The spotted eggs could be mistaken as stones, and the nest blends in with its background.

Although Killdeer are considered shorebirds, they often live far from water, but they most frequently inhabit grasslands, fields, meadows, and pastures.  This bird chose her spot to call home close to our building and hasn’t abandoned ship even though there are dogs and people walking by frequently.
Home is where you make it, and this bird has chosen to snuggle up with the OHS. She must like the new shelter just as much as the anaimals here do!
We’ll keep an eye out and send an update if we see her hatchlings, though we don’t expect them to be around for long because Killdeer hatchlings are able to see and forage soon after birth.

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