Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer’s coming at the OHS!

Spring is starting to give way to summer and a lot of really exciting things are happening here at the OHS!

Our first ever day camp begins on next week’s school P.D. day and our weekly summer camps will start shortly after. This programming will not only bring needed revenue to the OHS to fund our animal welfare mandate, but is expected to bring long-term change in our community as our fresh charges graduate more compassionate and aware young citizens.

Overall, our new space is starting to be really well-used.  Birthday parties are taking off.  Colleagues and community groups are renting space in the building for meetings and events.  A celebration of our first anniversary in the new shelter is in the works.

Our spring deluge of animals has hit, but it feels very different than any other year in my 12 here at the OHS.  It doesn’t feel like a crisis.  Our shelter, clinic, foster and other staff are very busy, for sure. About 240 animals came into our care in the last week alone.  That’s a lot of animals in a week, and a lot of care was needed.  But moving to the new facility has changed a lot for the OHS and the animals.  Many fewer animals are stressed, and so are not becoming ill in the shelter.  Staff can perform their work more efficiently. The Clinic staff is performing spays and neuters faster and making sure animals are moving to the adoption centre quickly. The centre is getting full, as are our Pet Adoption Locations (PAL) in the community, but we know they will find forever homes very soon.

Enjoy your summer. It’s always too short and if you are like me, you never do all you hoped to.  Now and   again, though, take a few minutes to remember the animals.

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

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