Friday, July 27, 2012

Keep your pets safe in an emergency

We’ve been thinking a lot about fire lately here at the Ottawa Humane Society.

First, our friends at the Wild Bird Care Centre were threatened by the west end brush fires. Of course the OHS called and stood ready to assist with animal evacuation and short-term housing and care for their feathered charges.

Then arson struck the currently vacant former shelter on Champagne. The boiler room was broken into, and vandals piled books and papers into it and lit them on fire.

Fortunately the Champagne fire was extinguished, and the brush fires were brought under control and birds at the WBCC did not have to be evacuated.

Sometimes though, it takes crises and near misses to remind us to be better prepared. The OHS is now working with the WBCC to develop a formal plan to evacuate and house the birds in an emergency.

We want to remind you about planning for fire safety for your family and pets. The OHS has always been here to temporarily house animals displaced by fires, but your planning can save lives. We can also help make your pets safer with door stickers that tell firefighters that you have pets and how many.

Drop by, email or call to get your OHS Save my Pets Sticker. And please, have a safe summer!

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What is it going to take?

It’s 2012.  The Ottawa Humane Society has been trying to educate our community about not leaving dogs in cars for decades. 

I have done dozens of television, radio and newspaper interviews.

I have demonstrated on camera how fast temperatures rise in a car even on a relatively mild, partly cloudy day. 

We have created and distributed reminder decals for the doors of shopping centres and big box stores. 

We have created and distributed reminder pamphlets for windshields. 

We negotiated with the province for access to the license plate system so that we can send warning letters to motorists that leave the scene before we arrive.

Last summer, we decided going forward to charge everyone that we had a good case against and have proceeded with lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

And still this year so far, we have had over 140 calls about dogs left in hot cars and the Ottawa Sun says it’s overblown as an issue. 

What is it going to take?

If you see a dog trapped in a hot car, call our emergency line at 613-725-1532.  Our staff will help you assess the situation and walk you through the necessary steps.  We will dispatch an officer if required.

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

Read more about this hot button issue.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing: Mayah

Last Sunday’s first anniversary of our move to the new building was a pretty great event.  It was fantastic to have so many people join us for a fun afternoon barbecue, rides and a huge cake!  Our new shelter is such a welcoming place for people to drop by and visit; quite a contrast to our old small  – and frankly, dingy  –  location.

I also had the pleasure of introducing our guests to Mayah, a sweet one-year-old Burnese mountain dog-Labrador cross. Mayah has been with us for almost four months and was #15 on our Operation: Forever Home list – highlighting animals that have been waiting a long time for the love of a caring family. 
Mayah is full of affectionate energy, despite having had her right rear leg amputated before she came into our care. Many of our guests rightly fell in love with her, which was my hope in walking her through the event. Unfortunately, none of the guests were in a position to give Mayah a forever home.   Are you?  If not, will you forward Mayah’s information to your friends and family that might find a place in their hearts and in their home for a special dog like Mayah?
Bruce Roney,
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

P.S. Operation: Forever home is continuing through July. Please share adopatable animals profiles to you Facebook friends and Twitter followers!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kids Go "Off-Leash"

I just dropped by the education centre to visit our brand-new, first-ever OHS “Off Leash” summer camp.  It’s only the third day, but is so great to see children in the building.  And they are so excited to be here! They really breathe life into our shelter.  I’m so grateful that we have the space for them to spend time with us.  They’re going to learn about animal welfare while they are having fun this week, and that makes me feel very positive about the future.  There has been so much interest in the eight one-week day camps that we are almost “sold out” for the whole summer! 

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In other news... Many people contacted us about the cat that was surrendered to the OHS after falling from the balcony she was left on.  A few callers think that we are euthanizing the cat. I want to assure everyone that this is not the case. The cat is in specialized foster care at the moment. She may require orthopaedic surgery, and if this is not possible, or the resources are unavailable, amputation is another option. Both cats and dogs adjust very quickly to the loss of a limb -- not appearing to even notice in a few days.  All to say, I have every belief that we will ultimately be adopting Muffy into a new loving home once we have treated her for her injuries and she is fully recovered.  

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

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