Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What is it going to take?

It’s 2012.  The Ottawa Humane Society has been trying to educate our community about not leaving dogs in cars for decades. 

I have done dozens of television, radio and newspaper interviews.

I have demonstrated on camera how fast temperatures rise in a car even on a relatively mild, partly cloudy day. 

We have created and distributed reminder decals for the doors of shopping centres and big box stores. 

We have created and distributed reminder pamphlets for windshields. 

We negotiated with the province for access to the license plate system so that we can send warning letters to motorists that leave the scene before we arrive.

Last summer, we decided going forward to charge everyone that we had a good case against and have proceeded with lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

And still this year so far, we have had over 140 calls about dogs left in hot cars and the Ottawa Sun says it’s overblown as an issue. 

What is it going to take?

If you see a dog trapped in a hot car, call our emergency line at 613-725-1532.  Our staff will help you assess the situation and walk you through the necessary steps.  We will dispatch an officer if required.

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

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