Thursday, September 27, 2012

Be Our Guest!

Before the Ottawa Humane Society moved to our new West Hunt Club facility a year ago last June, we were in pretty cramped quarters—not to mention dark institutional and bleak!  I was not surprised that a lot of people told me that they didn’t visit the OHS because it depressed them.   Frankly, we weren’t all that anxious to have visitors, unless they were there to adopt or to look for a lost pet or otherwise use or support our services. The place was just too small to accommodate guests that just dropped by, and that was a loss for the OHS, the animals and our community.

That is why the new West Hunt Club shelter was designed to be very welcoming, spacious and bright.  We want visitors, even if it’s for no particular reason. The building was designed to be an educational tool itself, and so you and your children can learn something about animal welfare, just by visiting.    Our guests are often surprised that they can walk right into the community cat rooms, no cages, no bars, no glass—just you and the cats.  Everyone appreciates seeing the dogs behind glass, instead of bars.  Visitors enjoy our new store, the Buddy and Belle Boutique. It has a great range of fun and unique things for sale. And the animals are our stockholders, so all the proceeds go right back into their care.

So this is your invitation.  I hope you and your family will visit us and the animals at our new 245 West Hunt Club location soon.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director
Ottawa Humane Society

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