Friday, September 7, 2012

Learn How Technology can Overcome Procrastination and Save Lives

There are two things about me that only my closest friends likely know:

First, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to personal tasks.  I can leave laundry a surprisingly long time. Cleaning out the garage has been a year-long project, and counting.  I moved a year ago and there are at least 10 pictures still waiting to be hung.  Fortunately, I have overcome this in my work life.

Second, I love technology.  I love gadgets, especially ones that save time or provide elegant solutions to problems. When software can do a task in three seconds that used to take a day, I think it’s really cool. Increasingly, if I can’t get it on-line, I’m not getting it.  This is likely one of the reasons that the OHS uses more and better technology to help us track our work, care for animals, measure our outcomes, and raise funds than other like-sized charities and humane societies.
This Sunday is our 24th annual Wiggle Waggle Walkathon, our most important fundraising event of the year.  The animals depend on people turning out and raising funds, and I’m more than a bit worried that not enough people are going to this year. If you procrastinate like me, you haven’t downloaded the pledge form yet, and don’t yet have sponsors.   But, if you are also like me, and love what technology can do, check out the walkathon page here. You can register on-line, create a cool personal page with a thermometer to track your fundraising, auto-magically send “sponsor me” emails to your friends, family and colleagues – all in only minutes.  And technology will have overcome procrastination, and the animals win.
Please share this with the tech-savvy procrastinators in your life.  See you Sunday!
Bruce Roney
Executive Director
Ottawa Humane Society

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