Thursday, October 18, 2012

Help a Dog Find a Loving Home this October!

We've all become pretty used to being very full with cats.  It surprises me when we have so many dogs, though.  At the moment, we even have dogs in “the back” who have been medically and temperament- assessed, and are just awaiting a spot in our very full Adoption Centre—just that one more stop on their way to a forever home.  Usually when great dogs are available, they only stay a few days before being snapped up by an eager adopter! It's ironic that we have so many waiting in October, this month being “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”.

So, why not help us mark this month by taking one of these great dogs into your life?  Visit to see the dogs available for adoption right now.  If it’s not the time for you, please pass the information onto your friends and family.  If you have some free time, why not drop by our new West Hunt Club location and visit the dogs, the cats and all our other animal friends. While you are here, you can learn about the OHS and all of our exciting new programs.
Just look at some of the faces of the dogs hoping you and I will help them find a second chance in a forever home.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director

Meet a dog as sweet as Honey!
Jewel will stand by your side!

Target would love a home with another canine friend!
Teddie loves long walks!

Colt would make a loyal friend!

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