Friday, November 30, 2012

The Animal Group that tried to Stop a Killer

A Fifth Estate report to be aired tonight has documented  that early warnings had gone to both Toronto and Montreal police that alleged killer Luka Magnotta was danger to the community.  The documentary delves into the cat-and-mouse game Magnotta played with a group of 11 amateur online sleuths — dubbed the Animal Beta Project—beginning in 2010, and continuing over a period of 18 months leading up to the murder of student Jun Lin.
The group had been tracking Magnotta on-line since he allegedly began posting gruesome videos of himself torturing and killing cats.  The sleuths, some of whom chose to remain anonymous in the documentary, believed if Magnotta was, indeed a cat killer, it wasn't a stretch to imagine him killing humans.  They tracked his identity and whereabouts on-line and first warned Toronto police, and later the Montreal force when Magnotta relocated there.  

The humane movement has long-documented and warned about the connection between violence against animals and violence against humans.  We believe our efforts to build compassion and empathy by bringing together animals and children can achieve a less violent community over time.

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Bruce Roney, 
Executive Director

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