Friday, January 18, 2013

Going "Off Leash" at the OHS!

My name is Danika, and I am 6 years old. I didn't have any school today, so my parents decided I could go "Off-Leash" at the Ottawa Humane Society PD Day camp.

My dad told me that there would be a lot of fun stuff to do and boy was he right – we get to learn about lots of different animals and all about the Ottawa Humane Society at the camp.

Last time I was at camp, I brought my favourite stuffed dog, Selena, because at camp we pretended to do surgery on her! We had to pretend that our animal was hurt, poor Selena hurt her foot. The counsellors showed us how to do pretend surgery, and I taped up Selena's paw. Maybe one day I can be a vet!

The veterinarian at the OHS fixes animals at the Humane Society so they can go for walks and run with all their friends.  We even microchipped Selena, so that if she ever gets lost like my cat did, the OHS can find the microchip with a computer and help owners find their lost animals. I'm very happy the OHS helped me find my cat when she was lost.

The next thing that we learnt at the camp was the camp cheer! I had so much fun singing and dancing and learning the song with my new friends. 

One of my favourite things today was the special visit from Cooper. Cooper, is a dog that has three legs and he was adopted from the OHS. He's so cool that he volunteers to visit kids like me in their school to teach about being nice to animals and he even comes to camp. He rolled on to his back to let everyone give him a belly rub. My dogs Duke and Daisy do that all the time! I love my dogs!

I had so much fun today with my friends, and the counsellors at camp! I can’t wait for my birthday because I want to have my party at Ottawa Humane Society so that all my friends can learn how to love animals too!

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