Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring - a time when the animals need your help

According to the calendar, Spring has officially sprung, but with snow banks still present in Ottawa, it is still not quite here for the OHS. We measure Spring by the sudden and large influx of animals. While we see this increase in the number of animals that we help every year, it is difficult to predict exactly when our staff and volunteers will be inundated with animals coming to the OHS looking for a second chance at a new life.

So, what can you do to help the over 3,000 animals that the OHS will help in the next three months? You can give the staff and volunteers the tools to help save animal loves.

Tools like:

  • special diets for pregnant and nursing dogs and cats,
  • pain medication to help injured and sick animals,
  • surgical supplies like sutures to help the hundreds of spay neutres that are performed weekly in our in-house clinic, and
  • fuel for our animal ambulance so it can be on the road seven days a week rescuing animals in distress.

You can give the OHS these tools. You can help us save animal lives this spring by:

On behalf of all the animals that need your help - thank you!

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