Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Milo, our Wiggle Waggle Walkathon "Spokesdog"!

Hello everyone, I’m Milo! I’m a 1 year and 3 month old border collie / Labrador retriever mix. My tail is wagging happily because I’m the “Spokesdog” for the 25th annual IAMS Wiggle Waggle Walkathon! I’m so excited to represent this fun event that helps the OHS care for the animals.

I was just a silly pup playing in the street in March when I got hit by a car. It hurt! A nice man called the Ottawa Humane Society. They picked me up in an ambulance and took me to see a veterinarian. I had lots of "road rash" and sadly, a badly broken leg.

My previous family couldn't afford any medical bills. They signed me over to the OHS. There the friendly staff spoiled me with toys and treats, fixed my wounds, and they did an operation to remove my shattered hind left leg.I'm all better now, and have a new family. I am so thankful for my second chance.

While I may only have three legs, nothing’s going to stop me from going to the Walkathon this year! You and your pooch can join me on Sunday, September 8th by registering online at Help me raise funds so the OHS can be there for animals who need help – just like I did in March!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Canada Day: When more animals need us than any other day.

Dogs like Ben are easily spooked by loud noises,
and should be kept inside during firework displays.
We're just a few days away from what is—traditionally, at least—our busiest day of the year at the Ottawa Humane Society: Canada Day. Why Canada Day?  There are a few reasons:  First, Canada Day is a very busy day helping dogs brought into our care.  This is mainly because of the many fireworks displays on July 1st: the big one on Parliament Hill, and the many smaller ones throughout the City. The thing is, most dogs are terrified of fireworks. Even the best trained, never-wanders dog can bolt in fear during fireworks displays and end up at our shelter.

Second, late-June, early-July is our peak season for animals surrendered to us by their owner.  As holidays approach, and vacation plans develop, sadly, many decide that their dog or cat doesn't fit with those plans.  The result?  Hundreds surrendered to the OHS each June and July.  When added to an already busy time with many stray animals requiring our care, we can see as many as 40 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens admitted to our shelter every single day!

You can help make sure that animals are safe, fewer need our care, and those that do, find their way home or into a new loving home by taking the following steps and trying to ensure that your friends and neighbours do the same:
  1. Keep pets indoors Canada Day. 
  2. Make sure pets have a visible collar and tag and a permanent microchip implant.
  3. Plan for holidays for your pets. Help others care for their pets when away.
  4. Ensure all pets are sterilized.
  5. Adopt a homeless animal at the OHS.

From all of us at the Ottawa Humane Society, have a safe and happy Canada Day!

Bruce Roney,
Executive Director

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A very special new event for the animals!

Are you a runner? A jogger? Slow, fast, or in between? It does not matter. I am excited to tell you about a new and exciting special event to help the animals at the OHS - our first annual Run for the Animals - to be held concurrently with our annual IAMS Wiggle Waggle Walkathon on Sunday September 8th.

Run for the Animals will offer:
  • a timed 5km and 10km Run
  • a 1km Kids' Fun Run
  • a very special 3km Companion Dog Run - a first in Ottawa
  • an out and back closed course along the scenic Queen Elizabeth Driveway
  • timing by Sportstats
  • staging and logistics by Somersault Events
  • special completion medals
  • commemorative t-shirts
  • category medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Run forthe Animals is teamed with the OHS IAMS Wiggle Waggle Walkathon. After your run, join me for great food, family entertainment, animal demonstrations, KIDZ zone, pet pavilion marketplace, presentations and displays - all in support of the Ottawa Humane Society.

Both the Run for the Animals and the WiggleWaggle Walkathon are being held at Queen Juliana Park (Carling Avenue at Preston Street across from Dows Lake Pavilion). This is the original home of the first OHS walkathon in 1988! We are thrilled to be back and I know both runners and walkers will enjoy the convenience of being in such a central location with lots of parking.

I have already registered and am hoping that you will too - register now by clicking here and mark September 8th on your running calendars to Run for the Animals!

Rob McCulloch
Director: Development OHS

Friday, June 7, 2013

Not just a fat cat

Many of you may have read that the Ottawa Humane Society recently charged a woman who allowed her twelve-year-old cat to get so large that it was unable to stand or clean itself.   I know that some of you read this, looked over at your chunky ball of fur and wondered if you could get into trouble yourself.

Obesity in pets is—excuse the pun—a large and growing problem.  Pets can be a reflection of our own lifestyles, and our own lack of exercise contributes to our pet's sedentary life.  Feeding human food to pets can lead to weight gain and health problems; overfeeding of pet food is common.  Many of us should do better by our pets in this regard, but it is unlikely that if you are reasonably responsible about  your pet's weight that you would be under any threat of prosecution.  Your veterinarian is in the best position to advise you if our pet's health is at risk.

This case was a very serious one.  Evidence suggests that the cat had seen a veterinarian multiple times over  several years with health problems that resulted from his weight. It is alleged that over the period, the advice was not followed and the cat's condition worsened, as his weight did not decrease, but rather increased substantially.

By the time the cat came into the care of the OHS, he could not stand or clean himself, his coat had severe fecal matting, and he was suffering from scalding and severe skin irritation on his anus and hind quarters.  This suffering, and the likelihood that he was suffering from multiple secondary health problems as a result of morbid obesity for a long time, meant that a lovely 12-year old cat had to be euthanized to relieve his distress.  The OHS took the relatively rare course of action and laid charges. Though we investigate well over a thousand complaints every year, we reserve charges for only a dozen or two of the most serious cases.  In this case, his owner was charged with neglect and with failure to provide standards of care and permitting distress.  

This case is not about a cat with a weight problem.  It is about neglect.

Bruce Roney, 
Executive Director

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lydia Gagnon – a true superstar fundraiser for the animals!

We all know that special person in our family, neighbourhood or workplace – the one who is always stepping up and organizing activities, making things happen. The OHS is fortunate to have many special supporters who help the animals in our care  – some by giving countless hours of their time volunteering – others who work tirelessly raising money so that we can save animals lives and offer them a second chance at a new life.

Lydia Gagnon, first human from the left, accepts
 $1,000 cheque from our friends at Giant Tiger.
Lydia Gagnon is definitely one of those special people who will do almost anything to help the animals at the OHS.

Lydia has been a walker in our annual Iams Wiggle Waggle Walkathon for seven years. She has been the dedicated captain of her team – F.I.D.O. (Fun Independent Dog Owners) and has led by example by consistently being one of our top individual fundraisers for the walkathon – earning herself the reward of being a VIP Walker! does Lydia do it? The old-fashioned way – with hard work. Lydia rolls up her sleeves and organizes fun activities to help raise her walkathon monies. She has held silent auctions and printed and sold animal calendars to her coworkers, friends and family.

This year Lydia has already signed up for our walkathon online and has started raising money for the animals. Her goal is for F.I.D.O. to repeat once again as top fundraising team. Lydia approached Giant Tiger to host a BBQ for the OHS and raised $1,000 - thank you Lydia and thank you Giant Tiger for this generous community gesture. To date Lydia and team F.I.D.O. have raised an impressive $7,000!!!

How can you be a superstar like Lydia?

  1. Register today for the 25th Anniversary Iams Wiggle Waggle Walkathon on Sunday September 8, 2013
  2. Consider forming a team – we have family teams as well!
  3. Set up your personal fundraising page and begin asking your friends, family and coworkers to support you. It’s easy to upload your picture and personal message. If you need assistance – let us know – we are here to help you email!
  4. In honour of the OHS’ 125th anniversary of helping animals in our community - set your goal to raise $125
  5. If you want to be pampered and treated to some terrific perks – set your goal to raise $500 and become a VIP walker like Lydia. 

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