Thursday, July 4, 2013

You spoke, we listened.

A157148-Junge.jpgAs part of our goal to be the very best we can be the OHS has conducted regular customer satisfaction surveys of our adopters for the past five years.

We are all proud that overall results have consistently shown a high level of satisfaction with our staff and the services adopters receive here at the OHS. When asked such questions as, "The staff member who helped me was knowledgeable, " If I were in a similar situation again, I would use the services of the OHS", and, "the fees I was charged were reasonable." overall the results were 94.5% favourable!

Our lowest positive rating since we began surveying has consistently been in response to the question, "The hours of operation were convenient." We have known for some time that we needed to expand our hours - particularly into Sunday.

Opening on Sundays is not as simple as it may sound. Staffing the Adoption Centre for a whole other day is a costly proposition. Further, we recognized that we could not open Adoptions without opening Admissions and Lost and Found as the public would expect to be able to admit stray animals, surrender their pets, and claim lost ones too, if Adoptions was open. We knew those services had to be available too. The City of Ottawa consistently refused to pay for the additional hours under our Purchase of Service Agreement for the stray animals which are its responsibility.

This year, we decided to "bite the bullet" and open both sides of our operations at our cost. The prospect of rehoming more animals through Sunday opening was just too important to await the City's support.

So, I am delighted to announce that, beginning Sunday, July 14, our Adoption Centre, Admissions, and Lost and Found will be open Sundays from 11 until 4. Join us that day for our "Sunday Grand Opening". There will be a cake to celebrate the grand opening, with balloons for kids, a 10% discount on everything in our Buddy & Belle Boutique (except food), and a 25% discount on products in the Boutique for anyone who adopts an animal that day. As well, all cats adopted will go home with a free Kitty Flick—a toy to start building their toy chest!

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