Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Ottawa Humane Society Week!

You may not have heard, but last week was Ottawa Humane Society week in Ottawa.  Last Tuesday, Mayor Watson visited us to attend a ceremony declaring the week in honour of the 125 years that the OHS has been serving our community and its animals. It was a moving tribute to the many thousands of people who have come together over many years to build not only a strong humane society but more importantly, a more compassionate community.

Mayor Jim Watson declared Ottawa Humane Society Week
on September 3 at a ceremony at the shelter.
The event was one of a series to mark our long history of service. And what a history it is!  Founded in 1888 as the Women's Humane Society of Ottawa, a small group came together to enforce the new animal protection laws.  It also took responsibility for the lot of children in Ottawa, until the Children's Aid Society spun off from the group several years later. 

The OHS history was first chronicled in 1988 in the book Helping Hands:  The First 100 Years, written for the 100th anniversary of the OHS.  This book described many of the people, issues, challenges and successes that formed the OHS over its long history.  It is a fascinating read. It manages to describe not only events, but also captures the huge extent to which our community and culture has changed.  Imagine the humane society lobbying council to not fully clear snow from streets, since completely cleared streets caused the horses to slip. 

The Helping Hands book is
available for purchase at the OHS.
 To mark the 125th anniversary, the book has been updated, expanded and republished as Helping Hands: The First 125 Years. The new book is in colour and brings the history of the OHS up-to-date with several new chapters and many old and new photographs that have not been published before. 

The book is available in our Buddy and Belle Boutique for $20 plus HST.  The book can be ordered by emailing us at with your address and credit card information or by calling 613-725-3166 ext. 297. An additional $4 in postage will be added to the price. 

Bruce Roney,
Executive Director

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