Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ottawa Comes Through for the Animals

I am always grateful to live in a community that cares.  And I am grateful to work for a great organization that has your trust and support to do the very best it can to care for homeless, abused and neglected animals.  When we tell you that we need help, you are there for us and for the animals.

Several months ago, our food sponsor has experienced supply chain problems with certain types of food that it normally provides the OHS to feed the animals in its care.  For a period, the sponsor was giving the OHS cash payments with which to purchase the food, but then informed us that we had reached a maximum.

This is a big problem. 11,000 animals a year eat a lot of food—over six thousand dollars worth a month, in fact.

We aren’t going to let the animals go hungry, and animals, especially stressed or ill ones, require a consistent high-quality diet to get well and maintain their well-being.  Changing diets suddenly causes gastro-intestinal problems.  We have been making so much great progress in improving our care and our services, cutting back on other services and programs to buy food would jeopardize our ambitious goals for today and into the future. So we reached out for help.

The result has been heart-warming and inspiring.  Every day you are arriving at our shelter with not only food, but blessedly, the exact food we asked for. Some of you have gone to two or three stores, just to find the right kind of food, some stores having sold out because of the shortage, and others because the limited supply had been purchased by others to help our homeless animals! You have sent us over $10,000 in cash gifts to buy food through our own channels. It’s amazing to experience and it reminds me what a great community this is.

Thank you Ottawa for caring and once again being there for the animals.

~Bruce Roney, Executive Director

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