Friday, September 20, 2013

United Way and the OHS – united to help make change happen for the animals

Britta arrived at the shelter after
being hit by a car last February.
The United Way and the Ottawa Humane Society have a long-standing partnership to help save animal lives in our community.

Each year, thousands of United Way donors like you direct all or part of their United Way gifts to the animals at the OHS. United Way-directed gifts help the OHS rescue lost, abandoned, neglected and abused animals in our community and give them a second chance at a new life by adopting them into loving homes.

United Way gifts have helped animals like Britta. Britta, a three-month-old puppy, was hit by a car last February and suffered head trauma and a broken leg. She was rushed to the OHS for surgery. After recovering in shelter, Britta spent a couple months with OHS foster volunteers who helped the pup finish her healing before going to a new forever home.

The OHS and the animals in our care do not receive grants or funding from the United Way, unless animal supporters like you, direct your gift to us. It’s EASY! Write in "Ottawa Humane Society" in the charity section and fill in our charitable number: 123264715 RR0001.

Britta recovered thanks to
generous supporters like you
Programs such as our rescue and investigations services are also funded by gifts from generous United Way donors like you. RIS agents investigate cases of animal cruelty, helping to bring criminals to justice, and they rescue injured animals with nowhere else to turn.

If you have already directed your United Way gift to the animals at the Ottawa Humane Society, please accept a BIG thank you from all the animals at the OHS.

My last plea to you is to help even more animals by encouraging you co-workers who love animals to join you in directing their United Way gift to the animals at the OHS. You can also post it on your Facebook page for your friends and blog about it or tweet it out to your followers.

Thank you once again for helping change the lives of animals in our community.

Rob McCulloch

Director: Development

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