Thursday, October 10, 2013

Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month by Bringing Home an OHS Dog

Bronx can't wait to entertain his
new family with his stand-up act!
Choosing to adopt a dog from the Ottawa Humane Society means different things to different people: a new family member, a best friend, running buddy, fellow couch potato.

But to the dog who's going to a new forever home, it means the chance for a happy, comfortable and fulfilling life, thanks to you.

The OHS has many wonderful dogs, from purebred puppies to senior mixed breeds, who wound up in shelter through no fault of their own – maybe it was due a new baby or the move to an apartment that doesn't allow pets. For some, it happened when their previous owner couldn't afford life-saving medical care and made the right choice to surrender them to the OHS. Ultimately, these aren't problem dogs – they were dogs with people problems. Now they're just waiting for the right adopter to pass by.

It's important to note that choosing to adopt from the OHS isn't only about giving a shelter dog a home; OHS dogs are frequently in high-demand so there's no hard-sell needed. There are, however, tangible financial benefits to choosing an OHS dog. (It's not just about the slobbery kisses!) Your OHS dog is:
Chief is the George Clooney of dogs!
  • spayed or neutered
  • microchipped
  • medically checked
  • vaccinated
  • insured for six week with Petsecure

That adds up to a savings of an estimated $726 when compared to the cost of a "free" puppy from a friend or colleague.

So, this October, if you've been thinking about adding a furry sidekick to your family, consider stopping by the 245 West Hunt Club Rd. facility to visit Dodger, Chief, Bronx, or one of the many other wonderful dogs at the OHS. You just might find that perfect canine match to help you celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! 

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