Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 in Review

I know that as the year comes to a close, you're supposed to look forward to the coming year with resolutions and such, but I have never been good at that. Resolutions always seem too big, too final and too far reaching. I do sometimes look back on the past year, and I sometimes think about what I've learned. 

More than once this year, my "I have seen it all" view of the world has been shattered by disturbing cases of animal cruelty.

This year began with shocking case of cruelty when a man threw a kitten against the wall for scratching the couch.

Summer brought the firing of young woman who worked for Wal-Mart after she reported a dog left in a sweltering car, capping off the busiest summer ever for dogs left in hot cars by their owners.

On the heels of that was, we allege, the intentional trapping, torture and killing of a mother raccoon and her offspring. 

A recent picture of Breezy 
Then, a man allegedly beat a young lab/shepherd cross named Breezy within an inch of her life, and thinking she was dead, dumped her limp body into the garbage.

These incidents were deeply disturbing, making me question both my community and, frankly, the humane soul.

But, as Joni Mitchell taught us,"Something's lost and something's gained by living every day." With these incidents, I may have lost my last shred of naiveté about how horribly animals are treated by human beings.  

With the outpouring that followed, though, I gained a new respect for my community and how it can respond in a loving, committed and compassionate way. 

Bruce Roney,

Executive Director

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