Thursday, January 30, 2014

Visit the Ottawa Humane Society in February for a Second Chance at Love

There are many cats and dogs at the Ottawa Humane Society who are ready for that second chance at love.

They’re a little older now, a little wiser. They may have spent their youth in failed matches but are ready to give love another try.  

Some of these single pets have spent too much time at the OHS waiting for that forever home, watching families pass them over for younger versions of themselves – a kitten, a puppy. These mature singles get it, they've seen it all before – it can be hard to resist those floppy ears and that fuzzy fur of youth.

But these older pets aren't jaded. They’re hopeful that February will be their month, that it will finally be their turn at a forever friend. Could one of these dogs or cats be the right match for you?


Bart is keeping his paws crossed that you’ll stop by to say “hi.” He’s a happy-go-lucky sort of guy who wants to spend his golden years going for long walks in the neighbourhood with you. He has tan-coloured fur, big brown eyes and is 10 years young.


Comet would like nothing more than to spend cozy evenings curled up on the couch with some snacks (tuna treats, please) and a good movie. He’s a gentle fellow who will happily listen as you recount all the details of your day, occasionally chiming in with a “meow.” He’s a middle-aged guy looking for a lifetime commitment.

There are many animals like Bart and Comet at the OHS. To help these pets find that special match in the month of love, we’re giving adopters even more reason to take a second look at our mature cats and dogs: adopters who bring home a cat or dog aged five and older in February will be entered to win a gift certificate from Supply and Demand, voted one of Canada’s top restaurants by enRoute magazine. 

Qualifying adopters will also take home some heart-shaped pet treats and get 20 per cent off at the OHS Buddy and Belle Boutique on the day they adopt, excluding food. 

Adopt a featured animal and get a pet bed for dogs or carrier for cats and a heart-shaped toy. Information about the featured pet is available at the OHS.

To meet all the eligible pets, please visit the OHS at 245 West Hunt Club Rd. or one of our Pet Adoption Locations (PAL). For information of our PAL partners, please visit 

Natalie Pona
Manager: Communications 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Events for the Animals

FurBall is one of the city's must-attend events
When planning fundraising events for the animals, I always try to offer you, our supporters, options. The OHS is blessed with thousands of supporters and while it is impossible to stage an event to please each and every one of you every time, I like to think that we offer something for everyone.

Take, for example, our two upcoming special events: National Cupcake Day and our annual FurBall. One offers you the opportunity to help animals while staying home and getting creative in your kitchen; the other helps raise money for the animals by allowing you to break out your finest clothes to dine and dance at one of Ottawa’s must-attend social events of the year.

For more information on how to register and set up your own personal fundraising page for National Cupcake Day on Feb. 24, 2014, please click here.

To buy tickets for our 10th anniversary FurBall gala on April 5, 2014, please click here.

Whatever you choose, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support – we could not help the animals without you.

Oh, one last thing. You do not always have to choose between events. I am happy if you help save animal lives by participating in both events listed above or any others listed on our Events Calendar!

Rob McCulloch
Director: Development

PS: If you do not see an event that appeals to you – from our walkathon, run, garden party, FurBall, bingo and Cupcake Day – we still have something for you. You can organize your own fundraising event for the animals at the OHS. Go to My Event to learn how to easily organize an event that captures your skills and interests.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Special Pets for Special People

Special needs pets like Comet have lots of love to give
All the animals at the Ottawa Humane Society need our love and yours. But some need it a little more than others.

Close to 10 years ago, the OHS created a special needs adoptions program to help older animals and pets with manageable conditions get a second chance at finding a forever home. Conditions may include food allergies needing a special diet, thyroid conditions requiring regular, though inexpensive, medication, or heart murmurs that probably need nothing more than annual monitoring.

The older animals are healthy but beyond some people’s “best before” date. We think that they are great pets with years of health and love to give ahead of them. As we say about the older animals, "It takes a long time to get this sweet." Moreover, the older animals tend to be quieter and more predictable than the bouncing balls of fur some people choose.

To give them a little extra help finding homes, we feature our special needs cuties on Facebook and our other communications, and adopt them for half of the usual adoption fee. With our in-house clinic, we can assure potential adopters that the animals’ known health concerns are limited to the ones we've identified. Our health guarantee still applies, as does the free health insurance if any other issue should arise.

I know that many people want to adopt a young and completely healthy pet. Rescuing a pet with special needs isn't for everyone. It is for special people with big hearts.

Bruce Roney

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resolve to Follow the Five Freedoms for the Animals in 2014

Resolve to follow the Five Freedoms in 2014 
Many people start a new year by making a resolution to do better for themselves and for others – it’s seen as a fresh start. This clean slate is an opportunity to consider how to do better for all the animals this year.

At the OHS, we believe that animals deserve to be treated properly throughout their lives. We want to make sure that we are treating animals right by meeting their needs to give them the healthiest life possible. We can do this by making sure to follow the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare:

1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
All animals should have access to plenty of fresh water and healthy food.

2. Freedom from Discomfort
All animals should be kept in a sheltered environment that meets their unique needs, and gives them a comfortable resting place.

3. Freedom from Pain, Injury and Disease
All animals should be quickly treated when they are sick or hurt. No animal should live in pain – without veterinary care.

4. Freedom to Express Normal Behavior
All animals should live with room to express their normal behavior. 

5. Freedom from Fear and Distress
All animals should live in a way that keeps them free from fear and distress.

For other ways to help the animals, please visit our website at

Natalie Pona

Manager: Communications 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year from the OHS!

"Cheers to a new year and another chance for us all to get it right.” 
― Oprah Winfrey

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