Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dog Obedience Training

Does your dog come when you call him or just look at you and seem to say, “yeah, whatever,” ignoring you completely? Does she jump all over the furniture or inappropriately greet house guests? Or maybe drags you down the street when you go out for a walk? You may feel frustrated with your dog’s behaviour but remember: having a well behaved furry family member takes work.

It’s an unfortunate reality that most puppies and dogs surrendered to shelters are animals that have not had obedience training.

Dog obedience training is one of the best things you can do to ensure a successful relationship with your dog. Here’s why:
  • Your dog will understand right behaviours and will not be confused by inconsistent or misunderstood commands. 
  • You will be equipped to resolve obedience problems quickly. 
  • When meeting other people or dogs, your dog will be much happier, relaxed and confident and will demonstrate socially-appropriate behaviour. 
  • Your dog will be much safer, particularly if he runs out your front door or is off-leash at the local dog park; he will return on your command. 
Here at the OHS, we’ve offered group obedience classes for puppies, adolescents, and adults for the past couple of years. We’ve focused on providing animal owners and their puppies or dogs with an obedience program that deals with common training concerns and teaches the basics of what every dog and their owner needs to know.

While we’ve had some great feedback on our traditional obedience classes, we’ve received calls to expand our obedience offerings. In response, we’ve introduced Loose-Leash Walking workshops last month and have already held two successful sessions. Through a one-and-a-half-hour time commitment, your furry friend will learn to walk appropriately by your side. Participants from these classes have continued to use the skills they learned and are finding their dogs rarely pull and are easily redirected when going for a walk.

We’re also beginning our very first private obedience class next week for a dog whose behaviour is a little more challenging and would benefit from one-on-one lessons from our experienced obedience trainers.

Whether you choose to participate in obedience training for your furry friend at the OHS or through another training facility, the important thing to remember is that obedience training develops a bond between you and your dog that will form the basis for your entire relationship.

Lori Marcantonio
Director: Outreach

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