Thursday, May 1, 2014

Readying Animals for Happily Ever After

Before Fluffy curls up on your windowsill or Fido plays ball in your backyard, these pets spent time at the Ottawa Humane Society getting the medical and other care necessary to live happy and healthy lives in forever homes.

The furry friend you adopt into your family will have arrived at the OHS in one of many different ways: surrendered by a previous owner, rescued from cruelty, or brought in as a stray. The OHS never turns away an animal in need.
All animals that come into the care of the OHS are spayed
or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

OHS vets may treat the animal for broken limbs or for other serious conditions and will provide life-saving medicine as needed. They spay or neuter the animal. It’s vaccinated and microchipped.

A specialist temperament assesses dogs before they’re ready for forever homes, ensuring the best match possible for a successful, permanent placement.

Some animals spend time living with OHS foster volunteers before they’re ready for adoption. These animals may be recovering from surgery or may be nursing kittens and puppies or pregnant cats or dogs.

When they’re ready for forever homes, OHS adoption staff work to make sure adopters are matched with the right pet for them – and for the animal.

The OHS follows up with adopters and offers community programs to help strengthen the bond between the owner and their new pet, such as dog obedience classes.

The journey from arrival at the OHS to your doorstep is a comprehensive process with the goal of a happy and healthy life for your pet in its new forever home – with you.

Natalie Pona
Manager: Communications

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