Thursday, May 8, 2014

The One Person We Couldn't Be Here Without

There is one person that the Ottawa Humane Society could not exist without. Every single day, this person does a huge amount for the animals and our efforts to help them. 
OHS donors care about animals and
understand that how they are treated is
a measure of our humanity.
This person is a donor, whose regular generosity makes sure that we can be here when Ottawa's animals are lost, sick, injured, or just have no place else to go. This person always attends the Wiggle Waggle Walkathon, Summer Harvest Garden Party and FurBall, making sure each will be a great success for the animals.

When we experienced a food shortage last fall, this person scoured the stores, not just to find any pet food, but the kind that we always use, so the animals wouldn't become ill from a sudden change in diet.

This person is a great ambassador for the OHS, spreading the word about our work and our stories about the plight of animals in our community. This same person helps others to become responsible owners.

This person never ignores neglect and abuse, by being vigilant and reporting it to us, and by advocating for more effective laws to end it.

This person truly cares about animals and understands that how they are treated is a measure of our humanity.

Who is this amazing person that we couldn't be here without? You. You are amazing. Thank you.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director

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