Thursday, June 26, 2014

Project Orphan Kitten

June is “cat month” at the Ottawa Humane Society—the month where stray and abandoned felines start arriving by the boxful. Many come to us in need of intensive care and treatment before we can place them into their new, forever homes.
Many kittens that come into our care are in need of
intensive care and treatment.

Stray and abandoned felines are arriving by the boxful.
Last year, the OHS launched its successful “Kitten Brigade” program—a fast-track foster initiative to boost our number of foster homes and place some of our most vulnerable cats and kittens into temporary homes as soon as possible, so that they receive the individualized care and attention they need outside of our busy shelter environment. We helped close to 120 cats and kittens through this program last summer, and this summer we hope to help even more!

Helping these tiny creatures eat is just one of the
many extensive needs that staff and volunteers
are working hard to provide orphan kittens.
This year, with your help, the OHS has taken its efforts a step further by launching an Orphan Kitten program to meet the extensive needs of its youngest and most fragile charges. From providing special vitamin injections to cleaning these tiny creatures, and helping them to eat, staff and volunteers are working hard to provide hundreds of orphans a second chance.

So far, we have helped over 50 kittens through the Orphan Kitten program—and the season is just ramping up. We are proud to announce our first program graduate: Oliver, a beautiful 12-week-old grey kitten, went to his forever home earlier this week! Thank you for making Oliver’s future a bright one.
Interested in volunteering for either of our kitty programs? Contact us today at

Sharon Miko
Deputy Executive Director

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