Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Elephant That Brought Down a King

Juan Carlos, the King of Spain, abdicated on June 19, 2014. The once-popular monarch's popularity had sunk dramatically over the past several years.  The last straw for the Spanish people, according to most reports, was a hunting trip the King took to Botswana in April of 2012. Juan Carlos was hunting elephants.

According to newspaper reports, the principal concern of Spaniards was the cost of the trip, which "... cost upwards of $8,700 a week, with an elephant costing a further $15,000 to kill." The whole trip was estimated to cost a total of 44,000 Euros. Spain, of course, has been suffering a poor economy, and has undergone severe austerity measures. People are suffering.  

Juan Carlos was the honorary head of the Spanish branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature, until July 2012, when WWFN-Spain held a meeting in Madrid and decided to remove the king from the honorary presidency.

I don't think that the cost of this expedition is the bigger problem. What do you think?  

Bruce Roney
Executive Director 

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