Thursday, August 7, 2014

Discover the Kitties Behind the Label: Adopt a Special Needs Cat in August and Get a Free Vet Visit!

Could Jake be the right match for you? 
Do you have a family member with a heart murmur? How about a friend with a gluten allergy? Just like their human companions, our animal friends may have health or behavioural challenges that may need a little extra TLC. And, just like you and me, these unique characteristics shouldn’t stop these pets from living a happy life surrounded by the love of a forever family.

This August, get to know the cats behind the “special needs” label. This month, adopt a cat or kitten with special needs and your new best friend’s initial vet visit is free. This $85 value is to encourage potential forever families to see the felines behind the label, like Jake, a catnip-crazy kitty who loves to play with laser lights and gets along with dogs. Sure, he has some tummy troubles — but they don’t define him.

The OHS special needs adoptions program helps older animals and pets with often easily manageable conditions get a second chance at finding a forever home. Conditions may include food allergies needing a special diet, thyroid conditions requiring regular, though inexpensive, medication, or heart murmurs that probably need nothing more than annual monitoring.

All pets need to visit the vet to stay healthy, not just those with special needs. But some people see the words “special needs” and move on to the next cat, passing by wonderful pets like Jake without a second look, without taking the time to learn about the kitty behind the label. 

Meet Jake and other special needs cats at the OHS Adoption Centre at 245 West Hunt Club Rd. or visit the website at for more information. Visit the OHS to consult with adoption staff about whether a special needs pet is right for you.  

Natalie Pona
Communications Manager 

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