Thursday, September 25, 2014

Building a More Compassionate Community and Brighter Future for Ottawa’s Animals

We believe it’s important to teach humane education in schools to teach animal care and welfare to our younger generation. By examining the relationship between humans and animals, students recognize that we share many of the same physical and emotional needs. Our school presentations teach kindness and respect while working to create a compassionate and humane society for animals.

The City of Ottawa has more than 250 schools with more than 100,000 students from junior kindergarten to Grade 12. While we’ve continued to increase our reach into schools and the number of students that learn from our presentations each year, we’re still only reaching 33 per cent of schools and six per cent of students.
Students can now learn about puppy mills in one
of three new presentations being offered this year.

That’s about to change. You asked and we listened. Starting in the next few weeks, our presentations will all be available in French. Whether we’re teaching JK/SK and Grade 1 students about responsible pet care for cats and dogs or inspiring high school students to explore animal related careers — all will be available in French. This will help us to reach the 45 to 65 per cent of students taking all or part of their studies in French in Ottawa.

We’ve also introduced three new presentations this year:
  • Grade 4: Co-Existing with Urban Wildlife where students learn about wildlife conflicts as they relate to urban communities and habitat loss, and collaboratively resolve various conflict scenarios to explore how we can best ‘co-exist’ with urban wildlife in our community.
  • High School – Spoiling Our Appetites: An Introduction to Food Animal Welfare where students learn about the current plight of livestock/food animals in Canada, the regulations surrounding their care, as well as the importance of conscious consumerism and advocacy on this topic.
  • High School – Profit Puppies: Exploring Puppy Mills where students learn about the history and conditions of puppy mills, how the OHS is addressing this issue, as well as the importance of responsible animal adoption and advocacy on this topic.
Through our presentations, we let students of all ages know that they too can make a difference in their communities and the world around them by showing them the impact our short-term decision makes on the lives of Ottawa’s animals. By giving students the opportunity to learn about animal welfare, we are building a more compassionate community and brighter future for Ottawa’s animals.

For a complete list of presentations aligned with Ontario provincial curriculum expectations, please visit the Humane Education section of our website.

For more information or to book a presentation, please contact the co-ordinator: humane education at 613-725-3166 ext. 235 (English) or ext. 204 (French) or email

Lori Marcantonio
Director: Outreach

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