Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You Helped Us to Do More and Get Better in 2014

Breezy and her new family
It seems like every year is a big year at the Ottawa Humane Society. I am so grateful to work for an organization where every year the way things are just isn't good enough, one that commits to more and better every year and 2014 was no exception.

Just a few examples of what you and the OHS achieved together:
  • You helped us develop and implement an Orphan Kitten Program for this vulnerable population
  • Together, we expanded our Pet Adoption Location (PAL) Program into veterinary clinics
  •  You helped us achieve the stiffest sentence for animal cruelty seen in Canada, with the sentencing of Breezy's attacker
  • Your support allowed us to launch our humane education school program in French and began to translate our key educational materials
  • Together, we increased the number of school children reached by our programs by an astounding 46%
  • Your support allowed us to launch new dog obedience programs
  • You helped us to brake the 700-strong mark in our volunteer team
Orphaned kitten at the OHS 
These achievements and  the many others would not have been possible without your kindness.  I'm looking forward to collecting the full list for our annual report. Even more, I am looking forward to what we will achieve together in 2015!
Dog obedience at the OHS 
Thank you for helping us make your humane society and your community a better place for both animals and humans.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director

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