Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Can You Fix Before it Becomes a Problem? Your Pet.

February is Spay/Neuter month. This month, make the most important decision you can make for your pet’s life. It’s a simple fix.
Spaying or neutering your pet may not seem like a big priority, but putting it off, or deciding against it, can lead to bigger problems than you’re bargaining on — for you, your pet, and your community. How great are the rewards? Well, let us tell you...
1.      Your pet’s health will benefit. Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer, which is fatal in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats. Spaying your pet before her first heat offers the best protection from these diseases. Neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer, if done before six months of age.
2.      Your pet’s behaviour — and your sleep — will benefit! Unspayed felines can go into heat every three weeks during breeding season, yowling at all times of day and night as they seek out mates. Intact males tend to roam widely, escaping from houses and yards and risking injury in traffic and fights with other males. They mark their territory by spraying strong-smelling urine all over the house. Many aggression problems can be avoided by early neutering. Neutered animals, on the other hand, tend to focus more attention on their human families.
3.      Your pocketbook will thank you. Spay/neuter is a one-time cost. It’s a lot less than vet bills to treat your unaltered cat after it gets into a fight with a neighbouring tom, or the ongoing cleaning bills to rid the house of urine-marking odours.

4.      Your community will thank you. Every year across our country, hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs of all ages and breeds are abandoned. Too many suffer as strays; too many are euthanized. These high numbers are the result of unplanned litters that could have been prevented by spaying or neutering. Even just one litter, and even if you can find them homes...those are homes that could have been taken by homeless animals in need.
This month, help us spread the word. Spaying and neutering is not just a good idea, it’s a life-saving choice. 

Sharon Miko
OHS Deputy Director 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Make a Cupcake Perform Miracles

To be honest, I don't love baking. I like cooking, but I find baking too rigid and formulaic. Too much can go wrong if the chemistry doesn't work. Now, if someone wants to bake for me, I am pretty happy. Especially if it's a cupcake, and now, especially if it's in February. Why February? Because Cupcake Day is in February!

These cupcakes aren't ordinary cupcakes. These cupcakes save lives. They rescue animals injured by the side of the road. They protect animals from abuse. They perform life saving surgery. They teach young people responsibility and compassion.  

How can you make a cupcake this miraculous? Just bake them and participate in Cupcake Day this February. It's a sweet way to help the animals. Oh, and if there should be one or two left over...

For more information and to register, please visit our Cupcake Day page

Bruce Roney
OHS Executive Director 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

No Matter How Long It Takes to Find Forever Homes, Animals Like Stacie Have a Place at the OHS

Stacie was brought to the shelter in February 2014, while there was still snow on the ground. Almost an entire year later, she is still with us, watching the snow fall once again.  

The staff is beginning to wonder why such a lovely cat has been searching for her forever home for so long. Every time you walk past her condo, you can see her peeking at you, waiting for your undivided attention.

Many animals who come to the OHS spend months getting the care they need to be ready for adoption, from surgeries for broken legs to spays or neuters and vaccinations. Like Stacie, some spend months in the Adoption Centre waiting for the right match.

Stacie isn’t asking for a lot; just a lap to curl up on while you enjoy watching your favourite evening shows. She has the loudest purr when she is getting her chin rubbed or her ears scratched. She would love a cat tree in her new forever home so she can see out the window and talk to all of her bird friends. Feather cat wands are her favourite toys and she would love a human companion to play with her.  If you have catnip, she will instantly be your new best friend!

Stacie would be a great fit with any seniors of families looking for a sweet and independent cat. As long as children understand she wants to be respected, she can be a great fit with any family.  She enjoys being the queen bee and could live with another cat who can accept this. She would prefer a dog-free home, as they are a little too unpredictable for her own liking.

Stacie has learned to walk on a harness while here at the shelter, but she just isn’t ready to be your new jogging partner, as she likes to take the lead and will be extra curious in the great outdoors.

All this sweet girl is waiting for is a family to walk into our doors and say that “we want Stacie!” And no matter how long it takes, until then, Stacie will spend her days at the second-best place possible, the OHS, getting the care she needs until she meets her forever family. 

Danielle O'Leary
Adoption Centre Customer Service Representative 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Start the New Year by Putting Your Right Paw Forward!

Ribbon cutting at the 2014 walk 
It’s never too early to start getting ready for the 2015 Science Diet® Wiggle Waggle Walkathon and Run for the Animals.You can stay ahead of the pack by following some of these tips and tricks to so you and your pooch can be in tip top shape on Sept. 13, 2015, at Queen Julianna Park: 
  • Were you on a team in previous years or are you thinking you’d like to be on a team for 2015? Start to gather your pack mates and stay connected to them through social media or group emails.
  • Think about your goals. Set an ambitious fundraising goal to challenge yourself and your pack mates to raise even more money for the animals!
  • Start spreading the word and building anticipation. Share photos and stories from last year’s event with your family, friends and colleagues.
  •  Consider starting a community event to kick-start or boost your fundraising efforts.
  • Does your dog walk on a leash like a pro? If not, the OHS can help you get your pooch prepared for the walk by registering for an upcoming Loose-LeashWalking Workshop.
Canine walk participants at Queen Julianna Park 
You’re on your way to starting your successful fundraising campaign to help Ottawa’s animals. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months! 

For more information on the 2015 Science Diet® Wiggle Waggle Walkathon and Run for the Animals contact
Walkers on the course 
And remember, your commitment has a significant impact on the lives of the animals we save.

Lori Marcantonio
Director: Outreach & Development

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